Ice fishing in spring – is it possible?

Every time i go to ice fishing discussion forums, i see this question pop up – is it possible to go ice fishing in spring or even summer? The reasons for going ice fishing in warm season can vary from wanting to spend birthday doing what you love, to missing it so much that you can’t wait until late autumn.
Unfortunately, if you live in mainland US, going ice fishing in summer or spring is almost impossible. If it’s early spring, you might find something in northern states like Minnesota and Washington, but if you don’t live there, you’re out of luck. Naturally, frozen lakes are even scarcer in summer. Solution to this is simple, but rather expensive – just fly up north to northern Canada and Alaska. Frozen lakes in these two places tend to hold out for much longer, some of the lakes never even melt. Although i don’t see why recreational ice fishing enthusiast would go through so much trouble just to go ice fishing. In my opinion, it’s definitely easier to just wait out the summer and go ice fishing in the winter.
Getting to good spots in northern Canada can be rather hard, because it’s not densely populated so international airports are rather scarce. Which, probably means that you will be better off by going to nearest big city and renting car afterwards, but that’s associated with too much costs. Simply put, unless you’re willing to spend thousands for single trip to northern Canada, that option is simply not viable, due to the reasons i’ve mentioned above.
Going to Alaska, on the other hand, won’t cost you that much, especially if you’ll be flying from northwestern states. It shouldn’t be hard to find good lakes near populated cities, either. Equipment will probably be too heavy to take with you, so i recommend renting it once you arrive. This one’s pricey option as well, but not nearly as pricey as the other.

When ice fishing in warm weather, your first instinct will probably be to not wear necessary ice fishing equipment. It’s true, you won’t need to protect yourself from harsh cold weather in relatively warm spring weather, but i still recommend getting warm ice fishing boots to wear.
To sum it up, unless you’re okay with paying heavy premium for this luxury, ice fishing in summer or late spring isn’t worth the trouble. If you’re itching for experience, you can always try fishing on lake that isn’t frozen. There are plenty of good spots all around the country.

Getting ready for ice fishing – buying necessary equipment

As fun as regular fishing might be, i, and many of my friends, can’t wait for warm season to pass and winter to kick in, so that we can enjoy ice fishing on our favorite lakes. People often don’t realize how many of us are waiting for ice to get thick enough, so that we can set up our ice fishing shelters on those lakes and get to fishing. The optimal thickness of ice layer is debated – some people think that ice four inches thick is more than enough, while others recommend making sure that the ice you’re standing on is at least 6 inches thick. To be honest, i think the difference is irrelevant – some people will choose the safer path, while others convenient one. Thickness of ice, while important, is only one of many concerns that ice fishing enthusiasts must address before they go on fishing trip. I decided to write this post to address most of those concerns related with ice fishing.
   If you’ve been ice fishing for at least one year, your first order of things should be checking out the condition of your equipment. Certain parts of your gear might have gotten rusty or even worse – dysfunctional. Ice fishing is sort of sport that doesn’t allow learning as you go, your gear must be in excellent shape before you depart for the like. So that’s why i always thoroughly check every part of my ice fishing gear – shelters, clothing, rods and all the other ones. Even with that, i sometimes make minor mistakes, so that should be good indicator of how important preparation process really is. Some stuff might still be functional, but so thoroughly used that it’s a good idea to replace them. Minor detail like zipper or cord might be missing or damaged on your ice fishing shelter. Clothing might have torn and have hole in them, or any of such similar problems. I would advise to pay special attention to integrity of your gloves. Once, i found out that one of my gloves had hole in it. Needless to say, it wasn’t very pleasant experience. You should also know how to buy quality ice fishing gloves in the first place, of course. (if you don’t, i think this might be helpful) Possibilities are endless. By starting preparation in late september-early october, you’ll have plenty of time to replace everything that’s missing or malfunctioning. 
When it comes to clothes, zippers tend to be especially tricky. They may seem to work at first glance, but they’ll get stuck when you need them the most. So i always make sure to check zippers especially carefully to avoid any confusion. Good news is that zippers aren’t that hard to replace. I mostly buy Frabill clothes and i can say, with full confidence, that their zippers rarely stop working and if they do, are easy to replace.
 Hand augers are rather simple to maintain. Except for rusting, which is unlikely with most stainless steel hand augers, they aren’t under any danger. Power augers, on the other hand, especially the gas-powered ones, are rather fragile on that front. There are spark plugs to look out for, also many other minor details. Also, make sure to have plenty of gas, to make sure you never run out of it when you need it most – on the lake. It’s always good idea to try turning on gas powered augers at least few times to make sure it works. Just like with warm clothes, you don’t want to take chances with your auger. It must work.

   It’s also a good practice to set up your portable ice shelter to try it out in practice. Set it up somewhere in your vicinity to make sure everything’s running smoothly. My frabill shelter is rather small and sturdy, and even i had to had my zippers fixed once. People with larger shelters will have more pressing things to take care of, obviously.
 These are the main components of my ice fishing gear. Of course, there are many other tools like heaters to take care of, but i can’t talk about everything in just one post. So i’ll finish with this now, and save the rest of the ice fishing gear for later.

Tips for buying and using ice fishing augers

There are certain disadvantages to owning manual auger, but you can also use it to your advantage. You just have to know limitations and strengths of manual augers. One of the biggest strengths, for example, is it’s durability. Manual augers don’t have many moving parts and their build isn’t complicated, so you have fewer things to worry about. One of the biggest disadvantages is that you have to do all the work yourself, so making lots of holes can be a bit exhausting. There are many other details that you need to keep in mind when making holes on ice fishing trip. For example, some species of fish require you to make large holes, while others don’t. It’s important to know what kind of fish you want to catch, so that you can decide what kind of hole to make. If you’re aiming for larger fish, you should make holes that are at least eight inches wide, of course.

  There’s also issue of auger blades. Most hand augers allow you to replace blades, so rusting and losing sharpness aren’t really huge problems. You should have few blades with you always, just in case something goes wrong. Most experienced ice fishing enthusiasts have at least one extra pair of blades with them at all times. Auger as a tool is too crucial to allow room for mistakes.  You don’t want to take any chances. Sharp blades also decrease the effort required to make a hole. Long story short, making sure that your blades are sharp and well-maintained definitely pays off on all fronts. Replacement blades aren’t expensive, especially compared to gas powered augers. I believe you can also sharpen them yourself, but i prefer to leave that task to professionals who know what they’re doing. I don’t use manual auger myself, but i have friends who do, and they get extra blades from Amazon for rather cheap price.

 It is also important to pay attention to clothing. Especially, if you’re going to be making holes yourself. This is physically demanding task that will probably make you sweat, and when you’re sweating, the last thing you want is to expose yourself to cold in that condition. That almost always guarantees nasty case of cold. So it’s important to get yourself waterproof jacket, good ice fishing bib and water resistant boots. All of these will cost you probably around three hundred dollars, but once you’ve bought them, you’ll be safe from any change in weather. Make sure every piece of clothing you get is made of moisture-wicking material. I like Frabill brand myself. I’ve owned their bibs, gloves and boots for decades now, and they have never disappointed me. I’ve tried few brands since and before trying them, but none have come close to resembling the kind of comfort that Frabill clothes offer me. They do cost a little bit more than usual, but considering the quality of the products, premium price is worth paying.

  Last, but definitely not least, is making sure that you are physically prepared for the task. Drilling lots of holes using your hand is harder than it may look. Make sure you have a good stance when drilling holes. There are few videos on YouTube that explain this, if you’re in doubt, i’d recommend watching them. If all this is too complicated for you, getting gas or battery powered auger is always an option. Granted, it is much more expensive, but some people find pleasure of effortless drilling to be worth the money. It depends on individual, i guess. It also depends on your character. Are you the kind of person who likes to drill lots of holes frequently? If yes, then investing in good automatic auger might not be such a bad idea. I found this auger review to be helpful in choosing electric and regular augers. If you think about it, the time you spend making holes using your own power could be worth much more than few hundred dollars that gas powered augers cost. Most important thing to remember, though, is to always check if ice is thick enough. As winter gives way to spring, some lakes may look like they’re safe to walk on, but may not actually be. No matter what, safety should be your number one concern.

My favorite hobby – grilling

Having thought about it, I’m almost certain BBQ and barbecuing may perhaps be the best side interest there is. Or if nothing else for me it is.

Before we start how about we characterize the distinction among BBQ’ing and flame broiling. Both are extraordinary approaches to cook, yet are inconceivably unique.

Barbecuing alludes to fast cooking specifically over the coals. Frequently thin cuts of meat like chicken bosom, ground sirloin sandwiches, and wieners. It’s likewise an extraordinary method to cook generally vegetables. Also, don’t kick me off on what flame broiling can improve the situation crisp natural product. At the point when that fire delicately kisses the regular sugars in the products of the soil them. Just aint nothing better on a warm spring or summer evening.

BBQ alludes to long moderate cooks at low temperatures that incorporate smoke. This is principally utilized for huge cuts of meat with a high fat focus. The long back cooking process severs the fat and kneads the meat in the most mystical way.

Presently why, you ask, do I feel BBQ and barbecuing both make the best side interest? The reason are extremely straightforward.

Like a considerable measure of folks my age (just couldn’t force myself to run with moderately aged) there comes a period when you understand in truth you’d simply preferably invest energy with your family than any other individual. At one time I was an ardent and rather great fly-angler, at that point my children came to fruition. By one means or another after that it just got sort of difficult to look at the spouse without flinching and say, “Hon, me and the young men are taking off for the day, or end of the week, see ya last mentioned.” Na, simply start up the barbecue or smoker, and let the children go crazy in the lawn.

She will discover her kitchen obligations contracting in guide extent to how your energy develops. Never again will she need to answer the feared question “what’s for supper”. Most days you’ll have the stack starter lit as she approach YOU enthusiastically what’s for supper. Furthermore, you’ll reply with some intriguing answer like cedar board smoked pork loin with a pineapple salsa. Once in a while she grin at you and say “Can we simply have a basic barbecued burger at some point”. It’ll execute ya, yet humor her, no guacamole, no chipotles, no singed pineapple, no whiskey, simply give the lady a basic ground sirloin sandwich. Alright, sneak in a little smoke. Since one week from now your going to request that her let you get some lovely ribs at the butcher’s.

Not at all like golf which you can appreciate with a couple of companions. Or on the other hand angling which you can appreciate with one companion however can’t talk while you do it. This leisure activity just asks for companions to participate, it essentially shouts more is always better. Indeed I imagine that term was first authored by some old pit-ace some place. You got the opportunity to love it when loved ones assemble around talking, giggling, as hickory smoke tenderly ascents and the smell of a pork bear you starter in the small long stretches of the morning start to float over the yard. Not very numerous things will expedite you more euphoria this world than seeing somebody appreciate something you took from crude crisp fixings, worked gradually, over hours, tenderly building and making, and swung to workmanship on their plate. They may not take a gander at it as workmanship, but rather they will know who the craftsman was, and they’ll be back for additional.